Christchurch 19-21 July 2018

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Official results will be available on the Results page of this website and Winsplits after each event.

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These contain all changes made up until 9:30pm on Tuesday 17/7/18.

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A printable .pdf of the FINAL EVENT INFORMATION and programme is available here

The Programme contains all the information you are likely to need to know for the duration of the event. If it doesn't, please don't hesitate to ask us by emailing NZSSOC2018@gmail.com prior to the events, or by asking at the Registration tent during the event days themselves.

It also includes exactly the same information as this website.


Welcome to the NZ Secondary Schools’ Championships 2018. We hope that you all have an enjoyable time and for those of you who are new to this sport that you will feel that you would like to take part in other events in the future.

These events, while incorporating Championship grades, are also designed for students to have a go at orienteering in the Standard grades. Experience is not required for these grades as the courses are set at easy, beginners’ levels although students need to be comfortable running on the courses without being accompanied by adults.

Every year we see new students and additional schools take part in these events. We incorporate years 7 and 8 and up to year 13 in this event. The event is officially sanctioned by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council. We hope that you all have a lot of fun.

The organising committee of the 2018 NZ Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships would like to thank our principal sponsor, the  Christchurch City Council, our equipment sponsors, and the landowners for their support in enabling us to host this event.


Competition Events:
Thursday 19 July 2018 - NZ Sec Schools Orienteering Champs Sprint
Friday 20 July 2018 - NZ Sec Schools Orienteering Champs Long
Saturday 21 July 2018 - NZ Sec Schools Orienteering Champs Relay


Provisional Results:
Provisional live results will be displayed on the O-Lynx screens at the Event Centre. O-Lynx will also be showing unofficial live results for the events, at www.o-lynxlive.com for family and friends at home.


Schools are expected to provide transport for their own students to, and during, the events. Note: Unlike at the 2017 event, schools will be able to bring buses for transport.


Event grades*:



Senior (Year 12-13)

Under 19 years old at 1 January 2018

Intermediate (Year 10-11)

Under 16 years old at 1 January 2018

Junior (Year 9)

Under 14 years old at 1 January 2018

Year 7/8

Year group at school

 *See the Competition Rules section of this website for more information.


Course information:

Detailed information will be published closer to the time on the three event-specific information pages: Sprint,  Long,  Relay


Interschool competitions:

Three interschool competitions are contested at the National Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships each year:

Top Secondary School Competition

This is the longest running competition and caters for the broadest spread of students. It is intended that the trophies go to the schools that display the greatest depth of orienteering talent at all levels. There are separate trophies for boys and girls.

Only 3 competitors in each age grade (senior, intermediate, junior) will contribute to the school's points. That is, a maximum of 9 competitors (3 at each age) will be able to earn points for their school.

In the individual (long) competition the best three results at each age grade, whether in the Championship or Standard event, will be counted. At least one of these results must be from the Championship level (i.e. a school entering all its competitors at the Standard level will be able to count only two results).

In the individual (sprint) competition the best three results at each age grade will be counted.

In the relay, only the highest positioned team from any school in each age grade will count. (Runners in composite teams do not count).

Points for the Top School Competition are as follows:

  • Individual (Sprint): 1st - 25 points, 2nd - 24, 3rd - 23, down to 25th - 1 point.
  • Individual (Long) - Championship: 1st - 25 points, 2nd - 24, 3rd - 23, down to 25th - 1 point.
  • Individual (Long) - Standard: 1st - 15 points, 2nd - 14, 3rd - 13, down to 15th - 1 point. Relays - 1st team - 60 points, 2nd - 54, 3rd - 48, down to 10th - 6 points.
  • Individual (Long) - Novice: 1st - 10 points, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, down to 10th - 1 point.
  • Relays - 1st team - 60 points, 2nd - 54, 3rd - 48, down to 10th - 6 points.


Premier School Competition
This competition offers boys' and girls' trophies. It is aimed at encouraging schools to support their top performing competitors at the national level. The winners are the schools that have the best performance by their top competitors at Championship level only. The results of one competitor from each school in each Championship age grade count, with points from 10 for 1st  to 1 for 10th.


Small Teams Competition
This competition is to cater for schools who have insufficient numbers or an inadequate spread of students to compete seriously in the Top School Competition. It is restricted to schools that have entered 5 or fewer competitors. There are separate boys' and girls' competitions. Certificates are awarded to the winning school and the placegetters. This competition will be based on results in the Top School Competition.


For any further inquiries email NZSSOC2018@gmail.com