NZ Secondary Schools Champs - Sprint

Thursday 19 July 2018
Event Type:
Sprint Distance
Greig Hamilton
Martin Peat
Chris Rowe

Scale: 1:4,000 and 2.5m contour interval

Difficulty Level: All runners run Championship Grade

Terrain: School campus, including grounds and surrounding bush/parkland

Map Description: The map covers Avonside Girls High School and the parkland to the north of the school. Control descriptions for the senior boys and girls will be printed on the map in symbol format. All other grades will have text control descriptions printed on the map.

Driving directions to the event:

The event centre is approximately 25mins from the airport. 

Approach Avonside Girls High School from the south, Linwood Avenue, from the west Fitzgerald Avenue then Avonside Drive or from the east Woodham Road. 
Retreat Road, Cowlishaw Street and Patten Street are strictly out of bounds for orienteering competitors and supporters.
Limited parking with preference given to minibuses will be available next to the event centre on the corner of Cowlishaw Street and Avonside Drive. Other parking is to be on either side of Avonside Drive but not north of Cowlishaw Street. Once full, park along Woodham Road. Large buses please park directly outside Avonside School in the school bus zones
Follow signs along Avonside Drive to the event centre and do not walk through the school grounds.
Start and Finish are at the Event Centre.

Registration Opens: 11am

Start Times: First starts at 12.30pm

Course Closure: 4pm

Course details:

I N D I V I D U A L    S P R I N T


E S T   W I N N I N G   T I M E S



Event course 1

Senior Boys

12-15 minutes



Event course 2

Senior Girls

12-15 minutes



Event course 3

Intermediate Boys

12-15 minutes



Event course 4

Intermediate Girls

12-15 minutes



Event course 5

Junior Boys

12-15 minutes



Event course 6

Junior Girls

12-15 minutes



Event course 7

Yr 7/8 Boys

12-15 minutes



Event course 8

Yr 7/8 Girls

12-15 minutes




Course Notes:

* There are lots of small passage ways and paths with blind corners, care must be taken to avoid crashing into other runners especially when trying to read the map. 
* There are a lot of controls, you will see controls that aren't on your course so make sure that the control you punch is yours.
* The map is out of bounds unless you are on a course. Please stay in the event centre. Access to the event centre is from Avonside Drive only, you must not use Cowlishaw Street or Retreat Rd. 
* All courses will have a map flip
* There are two road crossings, these will have marshals. If the marshal says you must wait for traffic then you must stop. The road crossings have a control before and after them. The time taken between these two controls is not included in your total time, but anyone who tries to gain an unfair advantage by taking longer than necessary will be heavily penalised. There is very little traffic on these roads so it is unlikely that you will need to wait.
* You must not run through hedges or fences like those in the photo below if they have tape in front of them. Go around instead.

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* There is a low wire rope fence as shown in the image below around the parkland area north of Cowlishaw Street please be careful not to trip over it.

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Avonside Girls sample


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